HP Monochrome Laserjet Printer Compatible Replacement Chips
Printer  Model No. OEM Cartridge S/N. Color Page Yield chip1 chip1
HP Laserjet Pro 400 M401d 400 MFP M425dw M425dn M401dn M401n CF280A/X BK 2.7K/6.9K

HP M4555MFP/M602n/M602dn/M603n CE390A/CE390X BK 10K/24K
HP1160/1320/1300/2300/2410/2420/2430/4200/4300/4250/4345/4350/2015/2015N/3005/M3027/M3035 HP(A/X)Universal Compatible Chip  BK 2.5K/3K/4K/6K/12K/18K/****
HP1300/1160/1320no data Q2613/5949 BK 0
HP 1300 Q2613A/Q2613X BK 2.5K/4K
HP1160/1320/3390/3392 Q5949A/Q5949X BK 2.5K/6K
HP2300/2300d/2300DN Q2610A BK 6K
HP2410/2420/2430/2400 Q6511A/Q6511X BK 6K/12K
HP4200/4200N/4200L Q1338A BK 12K
HP4240/4250/4350 Q5942A/Q5942X BK 10K/20K
HP4300/4300N/4345/M4345MFP Q1339A BK 18K
HP4345/M4345MFP Q5945A BK 18K
H P2015/2015N/2015D/P2014/M2727 Q7553A/Q7553X BK 3K/7K
HP 3005/M3027/M3035/M3027 Q7551A/Q7551X BK 6.5K/13K
HP 4100/4100DT C8061A/C8061X BK 6K/10K

HP 9000/9040/9050 C8543X BK 30K
HP M5025/5035 Q7570A BK 15K
HP 5200/5200n/5200tn/5200L Q7516A BK 12K
HP P1505/M1120/M1120N/M1522 CB436A(Dedicated) BK 2K
HP P1007/P1008//M1136/M1213/1216 CB388A(Dedicated) BK 1.5K
HP P1005/P1006 CB435A(Dedicated) BK 1.5K
HP P1505/M1120/M1120N/M1522/ 1007/1008/1005/1006//M1136/M1213/1216 CB436A/35A/88A  Universal Compatible Chip BK 1.5K/2K
HP P1007/P1008/1136/1505/M1120/M1120n/M1522n/P1102/1102W/M1320/1212nf/1217nfw CB436A/CB388A/CE285A Universal Compatible Chip BK 2K/1.5K/1.6K
HP 1505/M1120/M1120n/M1522n/P1005/P1006/3018/3010/3150/P1102/1102W/M1320/1212nf/1217nfw CB435A/CB436A/CE285A Universal Compatible Chip BK 1.5K/2K/1.6K
HP 2035/2055 CE505A/CE505X BK 2.3K/6.5K
HP P4014/4015/4515 CC364A/CC364X BK 10K/24K

HP LJ P3015/P3015d/P3015dn/P3015X CE255A/CE255X BK 6K/12.5K
HP P1566/1606/M1536 CE278A(Dedicated) BK 2.1K

HP P1102/1102W/M1320/1212nf/1217nfw CE285A(Dedicated) BK 1.6K
HP P1102/1102W/M1320/1212nf/1217nfw/P1005/P1006/3018/3010/3150/1505/M1120/M1120n/M1522n/P2030/2035/2050/2055/P4014/4014n/4015n/4015tn/4515n/4515tn/4515x/P3015/3015D/3015N/3015X CE285A/278A/CB435A/436A/CE505A/CC364A/CE255A   Universal Compatible Chip BK 1.5K/1.6K/2K/2.1K …A
HP P1102/1102W/M1320/1212nf/1217nfw/1566/1606/M1536/P1007/P1008/1136/1213/1216/1505/M1120/M1120n/M1522n/P4014/4014n/4015n/4015tn/4515n/4515tn/4515x/P2050/2055/P3015/3015D/3015N/3015X CE285A/278A/CB388A/436A/CC364X/CE505X/CE255X   Universal Compatible Chip BK 1.5K/1.6K/2K/2.1K …X

HP M775dn CE340A BK 16K

CE341A C 13.5K
CE342A Y 13.5K
CE343A M 13.5K
HP Laserjet Enterprise 500 Color M551 CE400A/CE400X K 5.5K/11K

CE401A C 6K
CE402A Y 6K
CE403A M 6K
HP Laserjet Enterprise 300 color M351/M375nw
HP Laserjet Enterprise 400 color M451nw/M451dn/M451dw/M475dn/M475dw
CE410A/CE410X K 2.2K/4.4K

CE411A C 2.6K
CE412A Y 2.6K
CE413A M 2.6K
HP CM4540MFP CE264X K 17K

CF031A C 11K
CF032A Y 11K
CF033A M 11K
HP LaserJet Pro200/LaserJet Pro M251nw  CF210A/CF210X
K/C/Y/M   2.4K/1.8K
HP  CP1025/1025nw CE310A K 1.2K

CE311A C 1K
CE312A Y 1K
CE313A M 1K
HP CM 1415fn/CP1525nw CE320A K 2K

CE321A C 1.3K
CE322A Y 1.3K
HP 1025/2025/1415/3525 CE310A/CC530A/CE320A/250A BK Auto detect

CE311A/CC531A/CE321A/251A C Auto detect
HP1500/2500/2550/2820/2840 HP Universal Compatible Chip K/C/Y/M 2.5K/4K

HP1500/2500 C9700A/01A/02A/03A K/C/Y/M 5K
HP2550/2800/2820/2840 Q3960A/71A/72A/73A K/C/Y/M 5K/4K
HP1215/1312/1515/1518 CB540A BK 2.2 K

CB541A C 1.4 K
CB542A Y 1.4 K
CB543A M 1.4 K
HP CP2020/2025/2025N/2025DN/ 2025X/CM2320 CC530A BK 3.5K

CC531A C 2.8K
CC532A Y 2.8K
CC533A M 2.8K
HP1215/1312/1515/1518/ CP2020/2025/2025N/2025DN/ 2025X/CM2320 CB540/CC530A BK Auto detect

CB541/CC531A C Auto detect
CB542/CC532A Y Auto detect
CB543/CC533A M Auto detect
HP3600/1600/2600/2605/CM1015/1017/2700/3000/4700/4730 HP Universal Compatible Chip K/C/M/Y 2K/4K/6K/10K

HP3800/1600/2600/2605/CM1015/1017/2700/3000/4700/4730 HP Universal Compatible Chip K/C/M/Y 2K/4K/6K/10K
HP1600/2600/2605/CM1015/1017 Q6000A BK 2.5K
Q6001A C 2K
Q6002A Y 2K
Q6003A M 2K
HP3600/3800 Q6470A BK 6K
HP3600 Q6471A C 4K
Q6472A Y 4K
Q6473A M 4K
HP3800 Q7581A C 6K
Q7582A Y 6K
Q7583A M 6K
HP2700/3000 Q7560A/61A/62A/63A K/C/Y/M 6.5K/3.5K
HP4700/4730 Q5950A/Q6460A BK 11K/12K
Q5951A/Q6461A C 10K/12K
Q5952A/Q6462A Y 10K/12K
Q5953A/Q6463A M 10K/12K
HP3500/3550/3700 Q2670A BK 6K

HP3500/3550 Q2671A C 4K
Q2672A Y 4K
Q2673A M 4K
HP3700 Q2681A C 6K
Q2682A Y 6K
Q2683A M 6K
HP4600/4650/5500/5550                          Canon EP-85/EP-86 C9720/Q9730A BK Auto detect

C9721/Q9731A C Auto detect
C9722/Q9732A Y Auto detect
C9723/Q9733A M Auto detect
HP CP4005/4005N/4005DN                              3600 CMY CB400A BK 7.5K/6K

CB401A/Q6471A C 7.5K/6K
CB402A/Q6472A Y 7.5K/6K
CB403A/Q6473A M 7.5K/6K
HP CP6012/6015N/6015DN/6015X/     CM6030/CM6040 (toner) CB380A/CB390A BK 16.5K

CB381A C 21K
CB382A Y 21K
CB383A M 21K
HP CP6012/6015N/6015DN/6015X/     CM6030/CM6040 (Drum) CB384A/85A/86A/87A K/C/Y/M 35K
HP CP3525 / CM3530 CE250X/CE250A/51A/52A/53A K/C/Y/M 10.5K/5K/7K
HP9500 C8550A/51A/52A/53A K/C/Y/M 25K
HP4020/4025/4525 CE260A BK 10.5K 4014,1025,3525,1415,255,1215+2025通用

CE261A C 11K
CE262A Y 11K
CE263A M 11K
HPCP5225/5225N CE740A BK 7K

CE741A C 7.3K
CE742A Y 7.3K
CE743A M 7.3K
HP CP5525 CE270A BK 13.5K

CE271A C 15K
CE272A Y 15K
CE273A M 15K

             HP Drum Unit Compatible Replacement Chips
HP1500/2500 Drum C9704A BK  5K/10K
HP2550/2820/2840 Drum Q3964A BK  5K/10K
HP4500/4550 Drum C4195A BK  25K/6.3K

HP8500/8550 Drum C4153A BK 5K/12.5K
HP9500 Drum C8560A BK 40K

C8561A C 40K
C8562A Y 40K
C8563A M 40K

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